Zmutt Valley

12.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland

Our first morning in Zermatt.
It was lightly snowing outside. The sun came out as we were getting ready for our first adventure and the east face of the mighty Matterhorn slowly revealed itself.

Our plan was to take a long hike towards Zmutt Glacier early in the morning, because we already knew the long trail from Zermatt through a tiny village of Zmutt, which is situated on the right side of Zmutt Valley. We began our hike below the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise gondola station where a lot of trails cross their paths and from there you usually hike straight ahead on the right side of the Zmutt Valley. This was also our plan for that day, but after about 10 minutes of walk, a road gate prevented our hike on this side of the valley. We didn´t expect such high risk of avalanches, but in Zermatt safety is one of top priorities.
Ok, change of plans. 🙂 We knew there are some trails on the left side of the valley but we didn´t knew them from our first visit. All trails in Zermatt are very well marked and it doesn´t matter if you are a hiker, biker or a skier. We chose a trail towards the mountain restaurant Zum See and from there towards Furi. When we reached Furi, we decided to have our morning coffee at the mountain restaurant Farmerhaus and then make a decision how the rest of the day will look like.
We ordered our coffee, whipped cream for Bea, took some blankets from the hut and laid them down on the sun lounger while Bea was playing in the snow the whole time we were there. The staff was really friendly and they also offered us some fresh water and blanket for Bea. This was such a nice gesture and we were very grateful to them.

Above this mountain restaurant there is a road which leads to the last houses in this area, so we took a walk to see if there are any marked trails that would lead us towards Zmutt Glacier on this side of the valley.
We once again came to a road gate, but this time it was open. Oh, we were so glad! This meant we were able to continue with our hike towards Zmutt dam. We passed a few hikers along the way, but we didn´t knew how far the snow conditions would allowed us to hike that day. We knew that the road to Zmutt dam was clear, but the question was how it would continue towards the glacier area. We came to the dam and entered the natural tunnel. The road conditions towards mountain restaurant Stafelalp and Zmutt glacier area were great, so we continued with our hike. We were able to observe Matterhorn´s north face the whole time and the view was really spectacular. You only need some luck with the weather and start your day early. We met one gentleman in his eighties who hiked back towards Zermatt with his daughter and he looked so happy just to be there that day. He was really inspiring. The Stafelalp mountain restaurant was closed that day, which made a lot of hikers sad, but it was really sad to hear that the next day the hut burned down in flames.

We took the same path back towards Zermatt and made one last break at the mountain restaurant Blatten, where we enjoyed the cheese plate and chilled on the sun. Bea enjoyed some dog company and was still playing after a long hike. We also stopped by the chapel nearby to light up some candles, passed by the Ricola herb garden and five minutes after arriving to our apartment, Bea was already sound asleep. 🙂

We prepared ourselves dinner and for dessert we headed to the Läderach Chocolate Shop to have some dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts, which was worth every Swiss franc. 🙂 Tired and ready for our second day, we feel asleep listening to the music from Zermatt Unplugged Music Festival, which was playing in the background.

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