Tick tricks

Friday night, all three in bed, Gregor and Bea as usual already asleep and I still awake. Weekend has already begun, Easter was just around the corner, potica dough was waiting for me in the fridge for the next day…wait, something is crawling on my hand, let me check with my phone light. Thinking to myself, please do not let it be. Has the season 2018 already begun?
Light was on, where are you little…tick! Grrrr…I knew it. I hate them, I really hate them. Then I thought to myself, wait, Bea was scratching a little bit earlier around her neck. Let me get my head lamp. Usually Bea is wide awake when she sees me coming towards her with it, but this time both were in their beauty sleep session. Head lamp on, neck, searching for him, searching for him. Where are you little creature? Oh, there you are. Still moving? How nice. There it was, Bea´s first tick of the season.

Last spring we were hiking somewhere in the lower altitude area and when we got home, we made our regular check-up after being outside and she had eight ticks on her.
Because we could not stand anymore ticks, did not want to cover Bea with chemicals, just to have some chances against them and because she spends so much time in the water, we needed to find a healthy solution for all of us. Every time anything was itching us, we immediately thought of a tick. We also received a generous amount of comments regarding sleeping in bed with a dog, so we did not need anymore motivation to find a solution.

Because we always try to find natural solutions, this time around was no different. We did our research online and decided to try one balm recipe which was very simple to make and that we could use it on our adventures.
You only need to buy Rose geranium essential oil, coconut oil and one small glass or plastic cosmetic container, whatever you prefer for use at home and on the road. We decided to save the balm in a small glass container at home, where we keep all Bea´s things and we decided for a small plastic container, which can we put in our small bag, when we are out on our walks, when we hike, when we travel, etc. Our mix contains approx. 30 drops of Rose geranium essential oil and approx. 10ml of coconut oil. Yes, that’s it! And the best part is that we all use the same balm. For Bea, we use a small amount of balm which we spread around her neck area, by her front and back legs. We just make sure she does not have a full access with her tongue and we are good to go.

Because we wanted to have one additional “just in case” protection option for Bea, we also bought a “Tic Clip” from Anibio, where they say that it harnesses the power of the bioenergetic field around your pet, to create an energy barrier that repels ticks and fleas for two years. We have tested this product last year in a combination with our natural balm and it worked fantastically! We think we saw just one or two ticks climbing on her in the rest of the season and that was pretty much it. Although the clip can be used for two years, we bought a new one for this season. We also have enough of our natural balm with Rose geranium essential oil, so the tick season 2018 can officially begin.

These are our tick tricks, good luck everybody and stay tick free!

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