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11.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland

Zermatt. The car-free village at the foot of the Matterhorn has a special place in our hearts, because this is where we got married on 14.4.2014 at 14 o´clock. 🙂 We began our story as a couple on the same day a decade ago and because we celebrate both anniversaries on this day, we decided to share this special moment with Bea in this beautiful mountain village, where the next chapter of our lives began.

We started to plan our vacation relatively late and because we knew that Zermatt Unplugged Festival usually takes place around that time in Zermatt, it´ll be quite a challenge to find a place for us.
First we wanted to stay at hotel Matterhorn Focus, where we stayed the last time, but they were already full and they had a limited amount of rooms, where dogs are allowed, so we decided to look for rental apartments, which were more appropriate for our style of vacation. We were able to find a cute apartment through Zermatt Tourism Portal and although they didn´t specifically stated that dogs are allowed, we asked them anyway and the owner confirmed us that Bea is more than welcome to stay. We were really happy about this fact and the whole offer suited us, so we booked it right away.

The last time we traveled to Zermatt was with car through Italy, because it was the fastest way to get to Zermatt, but this time we decided to take time and chose the longer route.
We began our journey in Graz at 2 o´clock in the morning and traveled towards Salzburg, where we filled up our tank and headed towards München. There was a little morning traffic in the München area, so we decided to take Bea for a short walk a bit outside the city area. We found a great spot near the highway, where we were able to stretch our legs and enjoy some morning sunshine. After that we continued our journey towards Bregenz, where we filled up our tank for the second time. This is how we avoided the high fuel prices in Switzerland. 🙂
We traveled from Germany to Austria and crossed the border to Switzerland in about 20 minutes. 🙂
For those who plan to visit Switzerland in the near future; this is the time where you should make sure your mobile data transfer is turned off if you don´t want any unpleasant bill surprises from your mobile service provider. 🙂 Roaming is simply not worth so much.
We then stopped at this cute rest place near St. Gallen which had a fantastic view over the Lake Constance. There was a plenty of space to sit down at one of many picnic tables or to take a short walk on the other side of the fence.  We decided to do that, so that Bea could run around, eat some snacks and stretch her legs a little bit. We noticed they had this cute dog poop station with a cool sign and the color of poop bags was one of the prettiest we have ever seen. Yes, we are talking about poop bags. 🙂
The road lead us towards Zürich, Bern and later Lausanne. We could hop on the auto train, which would save us about 100km of drive, but we had time, so we traveled through Rhone Valley towards the end, where you can observe the vineyards all the way to Visp, before heading  left towards Zermatt.

We arrived to Täsch around 5 p.m. and left our car in the parking terminal. We had luck because the next train towards Zermatt left in the next 10 minutes, so we bought the tickets and we were already on our way to Zermatt.
It was a little bit cloudy that day, but we were so happy to finally arrive to Zermatt after 15 minutes of drive with the train. We headed towards our rental apartment at Haus Bodmen B, where the keys were already waiting for us in the letter box. We only saw the pictures of it online and it was really completely the same. Toblerone chocolate bar, Ricola herbal bonbons, bowl and towel for Bea were really kind gesture from the owner. We later found out that the owner also has her own dog and we really appreciate this kind of welcome. The apartment was big enough for us, had a cozy vibe to it and great view towards the center, where Zermatt Unplugged Festival took place that week.

We were a little bit tired from the whole drive that day, but this didn´t stop us from taking our first evening walk in Zermatt with Bea. We bought her a Swiss bandana and with that we were now fully ready for our Zermatt adventures in the next five days. 🙂

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