13.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland

Day two in Zermatt. Our plan was to hike all the way up to Riffelalp, where we had our wedding lunch at Riffelalp Resort four years ago and the weather couldn´t be prettier.

Our alarm clock aka Bea woke us up for her morning ritual at 6 o´clock. We packed all our stuff for the day and headed out, where the sun was slowly warming the streets of Zermatt after a night snowfall. Outside was really amazing, but it looked like we could use a pair of ice skates that morning to move around town, because the streets were so slippery. 🙂
Our hike began at the Winkelmatten chapel were we passed by a lot of skiers who were really asking to get hurt, coming down towards Matterhorn Glacier Paradise gondola station in their skiing boots. 🙂 The first part of the hike took us through the forest, where it was still a little bit cold, but we had amazing morning views of Matterhorn the whole way. The path was covered with fresh powder snow and we were the first ones to leave the footprints that day. We passed the ski slopes twice, the last time at Chämi Hitta mountain restaurant, where the skiers already had their morning coffee. The pink signs at the cabin let us know that we had about fifteen minutes to get up to the Riffelalp and the path in this last part of our hike was just like in a fairytale. Narrow path, lots of snow, clear blue sky, sunshine, singing birds, peace…it really doesn´t get any better than that. Bea had no problems in the snow, she and Gregor messed around the whole time and suddenly we were already on the forest road, which leads from the railway station to the Riffelalp Resort. Four years ago the staff picked us up at the railway station and drove us with the snowmobile to our wedding lunch. This was one of the best rides we ever had and it was a total surprise for us. This time we could already see the resort after just a few steps and as we were getting closer to it we saw that they already ended their winter season one week ago. Oh well. We thought we could enjoy a glass of Johannisberg wine, which was our “wedding wine” in their lounge area, but we had to change our plan.
The Alphitta mountain restaurant under the hotel was open due to Zermatt Unplugged Music Festival and one band was just playing live at that moment. We wanted to enjoy this magnificent sunny day somewhere alone, so we hiked up to chalet above the resort, where we had our morning coffee and some dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts from Läderach chocolate shop. It wasn´t easy to hike up to this chalet, because although the ski slope was nearby, the snow outside of it was sooo deep we had to crawl on all fours. 🙂 Let me correct myself, we did, not Bea. 🙂 We had the most spectacular view towards the Matterhorn and the time just stopped up there for a while.

On our way back we stopped at Chämi Hitta mountain restaurant to have a glass of Johannisberg wine and while we were sitting on the terrace, we´ve noticed three road workers who were making sure the hiking paths were safe and clean. They were covering the paths with sawdust, so they weren´t slippery and when we hiked back we saw them enjoying their brake on a bench in the middle of forest, looking towards Matterhorn. Not a bad job at all we agreed. 🙂
We wanted to enjoy as much sun as possible, so we decided to turn left by the Ritti mountain restaurant and head towards Furi. We loved the cheese a day before at the Blatten mountain restaurant so much, that we had to do one more round, before heading back to town. 🙂 We laid on the deckchairs while Bea was playing around with chocolate labrador Nala and the day couldn´t end any prettier than with views of Matterhorn.

When we got back to the center the music was playing everywhere. Zermatt Unplugged Music Festival was in the full swing and people were ready for a great Friday night in Zermatt. We went to bed quite early that day, because Air Zermatt experience and anniversary dinner were planned for the next day.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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