Rappoldkogel, the highest mountain in the Stubalpe area was our last hiking destination in 2017.
While everyone was getting ready for New Year’s celebration, we were excited to enjoy the last day of the year 1928m above sea level. Sunshine was forecast for the whole day, so we said we need to wake up early and enjoy as many hours on the sun as possible.

Our starting point was parking lot on Gaberl Pass, which we already knew from our first hike to Altes Almhaus. The first sunshine rays were already warming the snow as we parked our car and Bea was super excited to jump into the snow.
The forest road lead us towards already known Altes Almhaus and from there we descend a little bit towards the first path crossroad, before it lead us up towards the Rappoldkogel.
The peak was visible almost the whole way and it was even prettier, when the sun started to show his strength. The area can be quite interesting also for all cross-country skiers out there, as they prepare tracks between Altes Almhaus and Salzstieglhaus, which is not far away from there and it is also very known for its 2km long sled run.

From there the path lead us through the forest, but it was quite tiring, because there were a lot of trees laying down, so we had to go around them in the snow, that already began to melt a little bit from the morning sun. We were glad that this area was not so big and we hiked through it quite fast.
The path got a little steeper, trees were slowly substituted by small bushes and the views were getting more beautiful by each step we took.  Bea and Gregor decided for a faster pace towards the peak, because the wind was getting stronger and I tried to follow them as fast as possible while I was taking pictures along the way. This last part is quite interesting, because the peak is hiding the whole time you are ascending and then suddenly, you stand before the cross on the top.

The sun was really magnificent, but the wind was bouncing Bea´s ears and tested her Ruffwear jacket the whole time. We enjoyed the views towards other peaks in the area, took a few pictures and decided to descent a little bit, where we could enjoy our tea and homemade LCHF Bounties out of the wind. We had to descent almost all the way down to the tree area, because the wind was still strong. We found a nice place near some rocks, where we could hide from the wind, enjoyed the sunshine and magnificent views. Bea is always having trouble to calm down if we take a break somewhere and this time around was no different. 🙂
We slowly headed down towards the first path crossroad and because we knew there were a lot of broken trees along the way, we tried to stay on the right side, where there was more sun. The snow was quite deep there, but we did not mind, because it was just so magnificent to look around and play with Bea in the powder snow.

On our way back we met a few hikers, but the amount of people was getting bigger, as we were heading back towards Altes Almhaus, because it was lunch time and both huts in the area are well known for their goodies. We only made one break a little bit before we headed back on the forest road, just to enjoy some tea and the view on our conquered peak, before blending in with all daily visitors. The parking lot was packed with cars when we came back and we were glad that we came early that morning. We enjoyed the sun as we were driving home and we still had enough time in the afternoon to prepare everything for our New Year’s dinner.
We then enjoyed the evening, took a look back on a dynamic year that was closing its chapter and because we had an active day, we went to bed before midnight and Bea didn’t even flinch when the fireworks started.

This was our last adventure in the past year and we cannot wait to share all of new and some past ones that we did not managed yet to share with you. We really appreciate all of our blog readers and followers throughout our social media channels!

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