Kamniško sedlo

Kamnisko sedlo (Kamnik Saddle) is one of most recognizable mountain saddles in Slovenia, having Mt. Brana to its west and Mt. Planjava to its east. It is even visible from the city center of Ljubljana and Gregor and Bea chose it for their winter hike.

Gregor had a few days off and because I had to stay in Graz due to work, it was a perfect situation for Bea and him to visit our home country Slovenia and have some bonding time, just the two of them.
They traveled to Ljubljana one day earlier, so they could start their day early. They were headed towards Kamniska Bistrica when it was still pitch-dark, but when they arrived there, the surrounding mountains began to reveal themselves.
Most hikers begin their hike at Kamniska Bistrica Lodge, from where it takes about 3,5 hours to get to the Kamnik Saddle Lodge. It always depends on the conditions; in summer you can be a lot faster, especially if you start with your hike before the sunrise and in winter there is always a lot of snow and very important to know, also a lot of avalanches coming down from all surrounding peaks. Once you are at the starting point, you only have to follow the path signs, which are leading straight towards the saddle.

Almost a decade ago, when me and Gregor just began with our relationship, we decided to hike up one summer afternoon, not knowing how hot can still be at 5 p.m.. 🙂 The only thing we knew is that we can expect amazing evening views towards Ljubljana and have this unique experience of sleeping under the stars. My grandma prepared us a homemade dish, which we could heat it up later for dinner and it was really amazing to watch the sunset 1864m above sea level. We placed our sleeping bags on top of a concrete object, which is a few steps away from the lodge and later enjoyed the sky full of stars. It was really romantic until the wind began to blow so strong that we had to hold our sleeping bags over our heads. 🙂 Well this is nature, you have to expect rapid changes in the mountains and enjoy the whole all-inclusive package.

I could also see how much snow there was up there this year, because they have a webcam at the lodge and I could see Bea and Gregor while I was working. 🙂 Of course I wanted to be there with them, but they enjoyed their bonding time, the sun and the views towards Ljubljana and Logar Valley on the other side.

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