Adventure with Air Zermatt

14.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland

Day three in Zermatt. Our anniversary. We´ve got married on 14.4.2014 at 14 o´clock right here in Zermatt. We´ve been together for a decade now so we decided to treat ourselves with something special. We wanted to take a Matterhorn sightseeing flight offered by Air Zermatt in the morning, take a short hike afterwards and have a lovely dinner at Schäferstube restaurant towards the evening.

At first we thought of taking Bea with us on the helicopter, but after consulting with the staff at Air Zermatt, where they offered us to take care of Bea, we decided to leave her in their good hands. They were really friendly with explaining us all the pros and cons.
We´ve booked our flight about two weeks upon our arrival to Zermatt and had to be at the heliport 15 minutes before our flight. We were there half an hour earlier. 🙂 It was nice to observe the crew and all the helicopters that were flying that day. We´ve checked ourselves at the office to let them know we were there and they informed us that the peak of Matterhorn was surrounded by the clouds that morning, so we had the opportunity to decide if we want to take the flight or not. Of course we did! 🙂

Time for action! 🙂
It was our first helicopter flight. We left Bea with the staff in the office and headed towards the helicopter that was waiting for us. We flew alone with the pilot and one of us had the opportunity to sit right next to him.
Front row, for me? Awww. Happy Adriana. 🙂
Gregor was sitting behind me and we had our cameras ready for action. Pilot asked us in which direction we wanted to fly or which parts we wanted to see. We all agreed to fly over the parts of Monte Rosa massif and see some of the highest peaks of Switzerland. We also flew above Gornergrat ridge and it was amazing to see all visitors and heliskiers below us. The flight was really amazing! The pilot explained to us where we were flying and shared some interesting information with us. We´ve spent 20 minutes in the sky but were also happy at the end when we landed, because it was quite a challenge from a physical point of view. I usually don´t have any problems with the altitude and testing the forces at the same time, but I must say I felt the warmth of my cheeks. 🙂 Gregor had some pale and green skin tones when we got out of the helicopter and was not so fit, so we sat down for about 15 minutes, before leaving the heliport with Bea. He is generally not coping so well with the fast movements so this was a little bit expected, considering he also took some photos during the flight.

We had to cancel our hiking plans for the day, so we went back to our apartment and took a nap.
Well-rested and fit we needed a good coffee, so we went to Le Petit Royal Café where they offer local roasted coffee from Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei. They even offer cold brew at times, beside all delicious desserts and other dishes. The coffee was delicious and we also took two packages with us to try at home. The staff was also very friendly, we only had to sit outside with Bea, because this is one of fewer places in town, where dogs aren´t allowed. We enjoyed the sun and the afternoon atmosphere in town, before heading to dinner.

When we were planning our vacation in Zermatt we couldn´t decide where we would like to have our anniversary dinner, we only wanted to enjoy the local food. After doing some research we decided to book a table at Schäferstube restaurant. We asked them if Bea could join us and if we could get a table in a quiet corner of the restaurant. In about 5 minutes after making the reservation online they responded that Bea is very much welcome and we couldn´t be more excited.
We had our reservation for 18.30 and when we came down the stairs we immediately saw our table, because we´ve noticed the water bowl waiting for Bea underneath the table. 🙂 This was such a nice gesture from the staff! The fireplace gave the space a lovely atmosphere and we were also able to observe how the plates with Raclette cheese were getting prepared. Our dinner began with some delicious red wine and Raclette cheese which were perfect base for their lamb specialities afterwards. During our dinner the owner came to us and asked us if everything was ok and if the food tasted good. Everything was more than ok, we really felt welcomed and the food was just amazing. Bea slept almost through the whole dinner and the other guests didn´t even notice her. We would once again like to thank the staff for their kindness, good service and of course heavenly food.

Our anniversary day with Bea was really special. We stayed in Zermatt for the next two days and because we´ve never experienced this special place in summer, we´re traveling back to Zermatt this Saturday, 25.8.2018 for a week of summer adventures! 🙂

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