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We are traveling back to Tringenstein, Germany, where Bea was born on Saturday and because we have a long trip ahead of us, we want to share with you how we made sure that Bea is traveling safely and comfortably in the car.

We are very thankful to our breeder that they made sure all the puppies got used to the crates ever since they were born. They got used to them, so they felt safe in there also when it was time to travel. When we were first headed home with Bea from Tringenstein we used a plastic crate, which was then used for a few more months until it got to small for her. Then we upgraded to a bigger size crate, same material and brand and then when also this one got to small for her, we upgraded to a metal crate which was somewhere appropriate for her and suited the car dimension. The problem that we encountered by the last one was that the lock completely fell out and it was quite noisy while we were driving, so we returned it.
Bea was almost a year old and we decided that we do not want to deal with this issue anymore and decided to analyse what the crate market has to offer. Because we travel a lot, we wanted a crate that was safe and comfortable for Bea, that could simply assemble and was practical to use in form of opening/closing the door, that had enough air circulation and visibility for Bea. It really did not took long for us to see that if we are going in this direction, we will have to empty Bea’s piggy bank a little bit and decide for safe, quality and crash-tested crates from 4pets company, ProLine models.

The crates are made in Switzerland and are TÜV SÜD certified. They have stable aluminium frame, easy to close door, reinforced back wall, strong connection, good air circulation, unhindered rear view, good grip, pleasant climate and are available in 13 different models. The company is also offering very useful configurator for the future owners, where you choose dogs breed, car model and you are already one step closer to choosing your final model.
We have decided for ProLine Eagle M model, which is large enough for Bea and suitable for our car. We are aware that not many dog owners can afford such crates, but we would advise that you look at this as a long term investment. This means you will pay quite a lot of money in the beginning, but it will last for as long you will need it. Our advice would be to rather wait a little bit and save the money until dogs piggy bank can be emptied and then afford them such great gift. You can also find some discount codes online and they can lower the price for at least 10% or more.

We have ordered the crate online and received it in about three working days from ordering it. We unpacked the box first, laid all the pieces on the floor in the living room and simply followed the instructions. If you are better visualizer, then the company also offers a lot of videos on their website, which can be viewed before starting with the process.
Here is how we managed to assemble the crate, step by step. 🙂

Bea was so excited the whole time, she simply had to make the first test in the living room. 🙂 We then headed to our car and tried to place the crate in the back but it did not quite work in the beginning. We thought to ourselves, how is this even possible if we used the configurator? 🙂 The trick was that we needed to drop the back floor of the car first, put the crate in, lift the floor back to its normal height and then pull the crate towards the back door. Voila, we finally did it! 🙂 The crate is of course suitable for our car, we needed just a little bit of adjustment by placing it in the back, because the cars back frame is a little bit rounded and you can not just place it in the back. We made sure that the crates door were opening/closing normally and we were amazed by the frame and the whole design from the very beginning. 4pets company also offers crates from their Comfortline Line, accessories such as Crash Bag and Scratch Guard, Penthouses, Easy Steps, which are very useful for senior dogs and the latest product that we saw are the Enerchips, which were created for dogs and cats.

We went hiking in the next few days and were able to test the crate. We did not hear any noise in the back while driving, Bea could see us in the front the whole time and the floor looked comfortable enough for Bea, so she could sleep or look around while sitting. In the winter time and by the long drives we use Vetbed, so it is extra compfy for Bea, but till this point she always felt safe in there and had no problems while driving, even in the high mountain passes.

All additional information are available on their website and we can not wait to test it also on our longest trip since we have it. Tringenstein, here we come! 🙂

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