Adventure with Air Zermatt

14.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland Day three in Zermatt. Our anniversary. We´ve got married on 14.4.2014 at 14 o´clock right here in Zermatt. We´ve been together for a decade now so we decided to treat ourselves with something special. We wanted to take a Matterhorn sightseeing flight offered by Air Zermatt in the morning, take […]


13.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland Day two in Zermatt. Our plan was to hike all the way up to Riffelalp, where we had our wedding lunch at Riffelalp Resort four years ago and the weather couldn´t be prettier. Our alarm clock aka Bea woke us up for her morning ritual at 6 o´clock. We packed […]

Zmutt Valley

12.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland Our first morning in Zermatt. It was lightly snowing outside. The sun came out as we were getting ready for our first adventure and the east face of the mighty Matterhorn slowly revealed itself. Our plan was to take a long hike towards Zmutt Glacier early in the morning, because […]

Road to Zermatt

11.4.2018 | Zermatt | Switzerland Zermatt. The car-free village at the foot of the Matterhorn has a special place in our hearts, because this is where we got married on 14.4.2014 at 14 o´clock. 🙂 We began our story as a couple on the same day a decade ago and because we celebrate both anniversaries […]

Kamniško sedlo

Kamnisko sedlo (Kamnik Saddle) is one of most recognizable mountain saddles in Slovenia, having Mt. Brana to its west and Mt. Planjava to its east. It is even visible from the city center of Ljubljana and Gregor and Bea chose it for their winter hike. Gregor had a few days off and because I had […]

Tick tricks

Friday night, all three in bed, Gregor and Bea as usual already asleep and I still awake. Weekend has already begun, Easter was just around the corner, potica dough was waiting for me in the fridge for the next day…wait, something is crawling on my hand, let me check with my phone light. Thinking to […]


Rappoldkogel, the highest mountain in the Stubalpe area was our last hiking destination in 2017. While everyone was getting ready for New Year’s celebration, we were excited to enjoy the last day of the year 1928m above sea level. Sunshine was forecast for the whole day, so we said we need to wake up early […]

4pets 4 Bea

We are traveling back to Tringenstein, Germany, where Bea was born on Saturday and because we have a long trip ahead of us, we want to share with you how we made sure that Bea is traveling safely and comfortably in the car. We are very thankful to our breeder that they made sure all […]

Challenge: Hoher Dachstein

Hoher Dachstein, the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps with an elevation of 2995m above sea level was on Gregor´s bucket list ever since we moved to Austria and through conversations on a long bike rides with our good friend Rainer, which achieved a lot of great results during his active triathlon career […]

A jar full of love

A jar full of love: 2 bio apples 2 small bio red beets (cooked) 2 tablespoons of bio coconut oil 1 teaspoon of psyllium powder 250-300g of bio buckwheat flour glass jar Blend wet ingredients first, then mix them with dry ones, but add flour slowly, until you get the right texture. You can save […]